Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rest in Peace, Gretzky sconey only the only Gretzky scone.

I sit here in the basement, and can't stop crying. First Nickie, now Gretzky. It's like a whole chapter of my life is not only closed, but slammed, in my face. And the hurt is cutting deep.

Gretzky was our beloved dog. A Siberian Huskey/Purebred German Shepard mix, whom we loved for many years in our family. He symbolized to me the days when we had our big double-lot at our parent's Lynden home, and living in Canada.

Nickie passed im 2009, and was about 17. Gretzky would have been about 15 years old. He was so loving, an huge, and I remember the time I drew eyebrows on him, and my brother got so mad.

I would like to write more, and I will later. I am not looking forward to giving the news to my Mum.
I love you both, puppies. And I know all dogs go to heaven.

Thank you to the Boon family, who took excellent care of him in his remaining years.


  1. I was just talking about your penchant for drawing eyebrows on your dogs. I hadn't heard about Nickie, I'm sorry, and then Gretzky too. I love you and will miss those two with you.

  2. I remember when Gretzky was young, Nickie would run around him barking and behaving as he was Gretzky's size.

    I'll remember his calm demeanor. He was a gentle giant of sorts.