Saturday, June 4, 2011

Current Obsessions

1. Giving the girls a great summer. Lots of swimming and triple-digits weather. I am lobster-colored. The kds approve.

2. Glee. Best show ever. No question mark implied or neccessary. It is like crack to me and often I fall asleep to Hulu slowly fading in the distance...and it's playing the cheerful end credits. I approve.
I should note fantasizing about a certain Jewish-teen-aged-(-ish) coreographed-crooning-football-playing-mowhawk-andvarsity-jacket-clad cast member of Glee might be a bit frowned upon..but if liking Puckerman is wrong...well.. you know the rest of that saying. Plus, he was a great distraction for the two-week-long (yet seeming like infinity x eternity) absense of my beloved  Canucks....

3. Drawing. I have some grand series of doodles I am considering putting together in a project entitled "My long-distance relationship/affection for Bellingham, and/or local advertisements that ought to be". Stay tuned.

4. Journey. Summer music. Those two things are each other, but Summer music alone is an entirely separate thing. So however many combinations of music, summer, and Journey there are.... I'll take one of each, por favor.

The above has consumed me, really, at times. It started with a simple "proof", if you will, that the legend I have heard my entire 25 years that I am part Cherokee, is indeed true. Who knew how deep and twisted that rabbithole went. When everything is decipherable or at least generally easy-to-read without eons of studying it, I will add the link.

More obsessions to come.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Classic Hollywood Romance

I guess by now I could consider good ol' fashioned Hollywood romance to be the kind we haven't seen since the 90s.
I mean, what happened to those quintessential quirky, head-over-heels in love, dangerous perhaps, erratic and insane definately, sometimes, actually often, they were outlandish outlaws, and always looked fucking amazing. Razor sharp tongues and something a bit un-settling about them, perhaps. I haven't seen a movie with these things since in it in a long, long while.

My favorites:

Wild at Heart

Buffalo 66

True Romance

Arizona Dream

Love and a .45

Drugstore Cowboy

Natural Born Killers

Interview with a Vampire

I know I am missin a ton.....

maybe I'll think of em later. I'm already too busy and distracted thinking of the next Nux game which WHEN we win will send us to the Stanley Cup Finals. That'll be a next blog post I am sure, lol.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Nightmares, dreams, and reality..

Let's start with nightmares....


 I was attacked by the Gorgona, AKA the Grecian mythological creature that boasted the likes of Medusa, i.e. Snakes for hair, sea-living creature, bloodshot eyes, scary as hell, etc......
Couldn't get away from her. And it ruined an otherwise glorious dream about the Isle of Crete, dammit!

Medusa, Gorgona, scary bitch


Vancouver Canucks WILL win Lord Stanley of Preston's Cup this year. My Henrik perhaps set the tone for the twins in this Series 3 with San Jose with his goal last night, and note to Thornton; Kesler ain't scared of ya, 25lbs or not. lol. 'NUCK YEAH
Vancouver skyline at night *swoon*


I had a dream about having AMAZING sex last night. Like wow, adrenaline rush,  turns-your-stomach, uninhibited, show-off, ride-'em-cowgirl crazy amazing sex. In a hotel room. In WA state. And my teeth were like perfect and white. And I was in better shape. And I had thigh-high totally-cliche stockings on....
In this year. But.... with my uber-precocious, pseudo-hipster, fuck-face of an ex... for those who have known me that long the initials SP will mean something to you ha ha. Asshole extraordinaire. He did have huge...brown gorgeous eyes, however. Lol. I''ve just been abstinent a while now. That's all this means I reassure myself.

Oh my my sexiness is in the eye of the beholder/masochist..
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Silver Lake Fantasy... you gimme cabin-fever lol

Silver Lake, WA

Crystal clear mornings perfect for kayaking...and Obsidian coffee-drinking next to

Cabin at Silver Lake. They are amazing and serve for great cooking, cuddling, and other great things that start with a "c" I guess

Oh the romance, even a  thru and thru city girl, can enjoy this with the right person, and location

This hypothetical romantic trip of mine would include some great Washington Wine, but of course

Poster from Washington's Wine Festival

How we would dine on local salmon, the only seafood I'll eat

And you can make your roasted potatoes, so good, if you do say so yourself, lol

Any fantasy  of mine that involves  such great surroundings and food, would have to include my undying love for whimsical vintage mixing bowls.....

Oh Pyrex, how I love thee...

Can I not wear these 2011 beauties camping?

Even if we have a cabin....with a level floor?

All in all.....I use this as my escape mentally, from Oklahome.Because, my dear, there are so many reasons why my heart belongs to Washington ;)

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