Thursday, January 27, 2011

Truth, responses, and consequences

How many ways can you really deliver shitty news to someone. I guess if you're sadistic, you could get really creative, but if you are non-confrontational and hate being the bearer of bad tidings, you really can only drink Peruvian Bear Fuckers and Vegas Bombs until you have mentally lowered your standards, raised your voice, and emotions have gone by the wayside as far as you can tell. I was sick of Mr. M's additude and brought him his lap steel, and let him know that him and his family have treated me like crap long enough.

Well, he goes back and forth quite often and I am undeserving of it.
I wanted to kinda punch him the second I saw him.
I offered coffee since his place was making me claustrophobic and out of my element.

I told him everything. Truth about his parents. Lots of stuff. It wasn't fun. He ended up making some comment about my singing and leaving me down town.

And of course my dumb ass follows him there eventually. Where I still am. The morning after.
Nothing fucking changed, I am a retard for thinking it would, or could.

I need to get back to Custer and stay there. And get rid of this terrible thing I have been infected with whatever it is he has done to me.


  1. :( Men are pigs babe...I wanna go see this place out in Custer. Meet the peeps, learn the rules, find out how much it costs...but hey, "Momma sed like the rain (this too shall pass) like a kidney stone (this too shall pass) its just a broken heart [girl] this pain will pass away..."


  2. Thank you Benny. You are always there for me. Xoxoxoxoxo had fun seein ya downtown last night. Call me later we'll talk about the house