Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Got a new sewing machine todat- *falls in love*, and am going to be making a dress much like one of the drippy, lacy, frilly, tulle-d, organza'd, girly, frou-frou, lovey-dovey ones above. Collage madewith Pacasa 3 with pics from my "dresses' folder..... le sigh.
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  1. I really like the off-white one with the blue lace at the top :) also the mosiac-looking printed one with the red sides. The front ruffles on the pale blue are also intriguing, though I must say, for the most part, none of these look like dresses you would actually wear, I know they're all starting points for your creative maelstrom, so I'm just saying that because I'm excitied to see how you will make them "You". <8 Benny

  2. i love the blue one. This is all I wore for about a 6 month period when I was 16. Seriously. Think prom from Grease. hese dresses. This is when I worked at Blue Moon on Holly Street. I'dget them there or at Mad Hatter on Railroad Ave. Hey say hi to those places for me. These are all totally me, just from a long time ago lol xx