Thursday, April 28, 2011

everything's comin up roses

Ma vie en rose. Spring 2011

signature madeline face lol

trying not to smile

uhoh she found the door stopper. starts smiling

andddd rips it off. note it is now in her hand. Hi-larious to Miss Madeline

and Desi just lets everythin ease by lol

painting I did for my girls' room 2010

 the scandal. Left; Josefina and Kirsten.  Jesse on right

Madeline's Pard'ner in crime, Jessie from Toy Story

a discarded Prince Charming. I chuckled at this.

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  1. Absolutely Beautiful! full of laughs, and I can feel your love for them really come through this pictorial. By the way, both Desi and Madeline have WONDERFUL camera presence, and your photography captures that amazingly well. I could see some kind of "Ruud Girls Trio" forming up in the future, you could manage the modeling for all three of you (normally child models scare the shit outta me, 'cause they get taken advantage of, but if you were in charge of the idea, then no problem) because SERIOUSLY, there is too much intelligence, beauty and talent between you three...I'm still waiting for Madeline to take over the world, bt-dub...

  2. aww thanks. I know, right?? Bout Madeline lol. Yeah the girls are super photogenic. Takin their pics all the time. I wanna a do a tea party pictorial!!! Desi would make a great Alice, and Madeline the Cheshire Cat and I would as always be Queen of hearts lol

  3. There's too much cute in these pictures J. If it were anyone else's children I would never admit it. Your children are your personality split in two. Appearance....well let's just say that like your personality it's your looks split in two yet again. The first picture of Madeline...she has the eyes of her mother for sure. I've gotten a similar look from you before. ;)