Monday, May 16, 2011

Nightmares, dreams, and reality..

Let's start with nightmares....


 I was attacked by the Gorgona, AKA the Grecian mythological creature that boasted the likes of Medusa, i.e. Snakes for hair, sea-living creature, bloodshot eyes, scary as hell, etc......
Couldn't get away from her. And it ruined an otherwise glorious dream about the Isle of Crete, dammit!

Medusa, Gorgona, scary bitch


Vancouver Canucks WILL win Lord Stanley of Preston's Cup this year. My Henrik perhaps set the tone for the twins in this Series 3 with San Jose with his goal last night, and note to Thornton; Kesler ain't scared of ya, 25lbs or not. lol. 'NUCK YEAH
Vancouver skyline at night *swoon*


I had a dream about having AMAZING sex last night. Like wow, adrenaline rush,  turns-your-stomach, uninhibited, show-off, ride-'em-cowgirl crazy amazing sex. In a hotel room. In WA state. And my teeth were like perfect and white. And I was in better shape. And I had thigh-high totally-cliche stockings on....
In this year. But.... with my uber-precocious, pseudo-hipster, fuck-face of an ex... for those who have known me that long the initials SP will mean something to you ha ha. Asshole extraordinaire. He did have huge...brown gorgeous eyes, however. Lol. I''ve just been abstinent a while now. That's all this means I reassure myself.

Oh my my sexiness is in the eye of the beholder/masochist..
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  2. Ma chéri, don't let the nightmares get to you. Let your daydreams take you where you want to be. Let the negative thoughts and images go from your head. If only I were there for you to place your head on my chest I would play with your hair gently putting you to sleep. I'm sure the soothing touch would keep those nightmares away. Oh how I miss you my baby woo woo.

  3. I must say, the reality and the dreams out-did the nightmare lol. But still- those 'gonas suck ass! lol

    Anyhow, yes yes, I will add your comment to my dream pile mon cherie

  4. I also had a dream about fantastic sex last night. With a long-haired brunette I've never met. She was scared of the nipple clamps, yet had brought her own. Shy, reserved, yet passionate. Was amazing.

    And I've had nightmares, but I blame the meds. lol. Nightmares about being put down like a dog by my family. About being locked in a room that no one ever visits...

    And I had a dream about you, but that's another story. And a good one.

    Anyway. Hope you feel better, doll. Dream well.

  5. You still need me to deck NM lol? <8 Benny

  6. Muru- YES YEs I FUCKING DO HIT HIM I THE FACE. In his gorgeous asshole mouth. PLEASE lol.

    Hero- Yeah if Serequil is what you're on it can cause a holy hell of nightmares.

  7. Recently, you posted about being under the bridge at 15 in WA. I see you now posting about SP. It seems like that period in your life is a focal point of concern for you now.

  8. oh, no, just it comes up a lot. I hate Oklahoma and we lost tht house in foreclosure last year. So yea it's been talked about a lot. Also, someone had been talking to me for some reason about SP the day before the dream, so...idk.