Friday, May 6, 2011

Silver Lake Fantasy... you gimme cabin-fever lol

Silver Lake, WA

Crystal clear mornings perfect for kayaking...and Obsidian coffee-drinking next to

Cabin at Silver Lake. They are amazing and serve for great cooking, cuddling, and other great things that start with a "c" I guess

Oh the romance, even a  thru and thru city girl, can enjoy this with the right person, and location

This hypothetical romantic trip of mine would include some great Washington Wine, but of course

Poster from Washington's Wine Festival

How we would dine on local salmon, the only seafood I'll eat

And you can make your roasted potatoes, so good, if you do say so yourself, lol

Any fantasy  of mine that involves  such great surroundings and food, would have to include my undying love for whimsical vintage mixing bowls.....

Oh Pyrex, how I love thee...

Can I not wear these 2011 beauties camping?

Even if we have a cabin....with a level floor?

All in all.....I use this as my escape mentally, from Oklahome.Because, my dear, there are so many reasons why my heart belongs to Washington ;)

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  2. baby woo woo! lol. JRuuRuu lol. Thank you darlin.

    Need to get in a res for the Cabins up there ASAP they fill up for summer quickly.

    But yes, this is what goes through my brain when I am needing solace and escape.

    As the mantra from Still Life with Woodpecker...
    Love you.

  3. Your heart DOES belong in Washington, I know that you know that the 'Hamster life is the way to go lol...Miss you, terribly...Ace is gone, just to let you know, he got a job at Yellowstone as a repair-man, and he's away for the next five months...Hope to ttys, :) <8