Saturday, June 4, 2011

Current Obsessions

1. Giving the girls a great summer. Lots of swimming and triple-digits weather. I am lobster-colored. The kds approve.

2. Glee. Best show ever. No question mark implied or neccessary. It is like crack to me and often I fall asleep to Hulu slowly fading in the distance...and it's playing the cheerful end credits. I approve.
I should note fantasizing about a certain Jewish-teen-aged-(-ish) coreographed-crooning-football-playing-mowhawk-andvarsity-jacket-clad cast member of Glee might be a bit frowned upon..but if liking Puckerman is wrong...well.. you know the rest of that saying. Plus, he was a great distraction for the two-week-long (yet seeming like infinity x eternity) absense of my beloved  Canucks....

3. Drawing. I have some grand series of doodles I am considering putting together in a project entitled "My long-distance relationship/affection for Bellingham, and/or local advertisements that ought to be". Stay tuned.

4. Journey. Summer music. Those two things are each other, but Summer music alone is an entirely separate thing. So however many combinations of music, summer, and Journey there are.... I'll take one of each, por favor.

The above has consumed me, really, at times. It started with a simple "proof", if you will, that the legend I have heard my entire 25 years that I am part Cherokee, is indeed true. Who knew how deep and twisted that rabbithole went. When everything is decipherable or at least generally easy-to-read without eons of studying it, I will add the link.

More obsessions to come.

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  1. YAY Doodles!!!<3!:D!!!

    and another errant thought, I've been giving it my absolute best internet-stalker try, and is this your ancestry profile?