Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Look what the cat dragged (back) in.....

Well well,

it has been a while, hasn't it. But never fear, the brain that walks on two poles  (polars) as if stilts will never fully leave. Just take too-long of breaks. Sometimes my mental hopscotches stray me far far away.

The girls are 5 and 6. In pre-k and kindergarten now. Here are the days where we have homework and a strong structured schedule. Every other night is bath night. We read a lot (the girls are reading now) and play the wii, go for walks, draw, listen to music, etc.

Madeline and Desi love Adele, the Rolling Stones, Journey, Beyonce, and Morphine.

I, when alone, find myself obsessed with Polyvore... here are some of my collections below....

no more poison
Who can play "find the items that reek of heartache to ms. Equidistant?" Name 5 and name the location of the Mountain and B&W picture in the corner (hint: Whatcom County) and I will make you your very own collage to proudly (or full of shame) display (or hide) on your blog, fb, etc.

I got a little worked up...because of ONE little documentary on Netflix, I was reeled into that nostalgia you get only through music. I mean, smells, colors, sights, movies, art, etc. They can all provoke it too. But to me there is no bigger culprit of this than Music. Fucking Bela Fleck man, lol.
Anyhow, it conjured of deep feelings in me and the collage/whateveryouwannacallit above was the outcome. I called it "No more POison". I might print this out and interpret it into a painting or somethin....

Anyhow, here are a few more sets I made.... Idk... these are the things I think of.....
I heart Seattle!
I heart Seattle! by desimadeline

Prada 2012

onto sad things for a second. I ended my 7 month-or-so relationship with someone very special to me. It was a hard decision, but my mind is evolving and changing, for a much healthier and positive glow, I bought a knitting kit and new sketch book today, maybe try to dial  up the pubescent-version-of-me and get some tips on creativity, ya know.

This might sound crazy, but for as long as I can remember, I have been an onycophogist, (sp?) AKA a nail-biter. I am effin 26 years old, and finally have stopped biting them. Crazy. I think I'll have to try my hand at gradation-painted nails... oh all those hep-cats are doin' it these days, le sigh.

Okay okay, I am off to knit. Be forewarned; pics of gradation nails and too-much-knitting are to be posted soon, I am sure.

ta ta for now

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  1. Hey there chickadee... Britt & I miss you & your girls bunches. I can't believe how old they are... @_@
    I hope the three of you are doing well & I can't wait to see pics of your nails. ^-^