Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bless your heart

A southern-ism I used to not be able to stand, which has really come to grow on me.

"Bless your heart, child" a middle-aged or elderly woman will tell me, when I am sunburnt and checking out at the grocery store. "I was outside all day at my kid's end-of-school celebration. I got too much sun". "Well just bless your heart" she will say.

I used to not be able to stand anything here in Oklahoma. But I am trying to find new ways to see it in new light. And what could be nicer than to actually bless someone's very important aortic chambers.
My current list of things I love and hate about Oklahoma:

Love: People here really care about family, and their kids. And are super involved in school and such.

Hate: The allergy season

Love: Downtown Tulsa. Has a lot of neat things

Hate: The conservative, old-school outlook on Gay Marriage, abortion, politics, etc. Try moving from the LIBERAL Pacific Northwest, to the Bible Belt. It'll throw you for a loop

Love: The amount of restaurants they have here

Hate: The utter lack in relation to restaurants of grocery stores, or rather, health-food stores. Or anywhere with good produce and a good Thai or Greek section.

Love: The lakes. People are all about their lakes here. And Lake Tenkiller is really something amazing

Hate: The lack of interest in art and/or music.


Well, I have decided in other news, to start posting some of the vast library of pictures I have in my little laptop, no theme or rhyme or reason to them, just because I have so many and they are pretty and no one ever gets to see them.

My random pictures for the day:

So many pattern, such little time. I am sure I found this on Jacci Stallone's, a great blog if you have never check it out

Oh silly Zach Condon. Everything about this picture is correct.

Mod-style paperdolls. I don't know where I found these. But they are adorable. Everything looks cuter with dilated, LSD-pupils

Hindu Imagery. One of my many obsessions.
Please feel free to make me one of these...anytime lol.
Look at my baby Perry, lol. What a youngin'.
You are entering a world of pain. A WORLD. Of Pain.
Vincent Gallo, or unknown slender perfect-bummed lady? I'll take both, thank you! Yeah, I am a creeper.
Vintage Mermaid Postcard
Past Dior Collection. Swoon.

I can't decide if I would want to get married in this, or just let people think I am crazy-yet-stylish and wear it every day.

More to come later. The kids are out of school now for summer. Not having to get up at the ass-crack of dawn is great, but now they look to me to constantly keep them entertained. And since I dont' really subscribe to the notion that the TV is an alterna-parent, I need to really flex my brain muscle and think of some good ideas this summer.

I am anxious to get to Arkansas or have my boy come here, soon. He started a new job (he is a CNA, which is a job title i have UTMOST respect for) that he starts tonight. Night shift. CNA. Yeah, my boyfriend really is an unsung hero. So I guess I will have to see him in a few days.

I will write more later tonight. 

I have way more words in me today tryin to escape.

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