Friday, May 25, 2012

Tangerine-tinted-haired-spirit guide, and her dapper old chap; Tom

Or Joe. Maybe his name was Joe. And it started with a "B". Oh so should I start farther back... okay indeedy I will.

Guided meditation. Take it or leave it, if you will, it might actually not be for you. But for me, yes it is.
I was walking past the typical fuckin hippie-esque meadow out to this huge beautiful tree.

I sat beneath it, planting myself and all my energy as deep as it's roots. I called for my Spirit Guide.

She came, as she does, silent and whimsical. Darkly tanned and dirt-streaked. Her lips are always a bit chapped. Puffy. Desirable. I'm not gonna mince words- my spirit guide..... is really hot lol. This time, she had a young man, a Victorian-moustachio'd man, in his fine apparel, his skin even looked Daggeurotype. In some ways. She had him by the hand. She either glances down or burns into you with piercing emerald eyes. Well the iris's blend from the colour of depression-era jadeite to the rolling hills of Darjeeling.
I fancy Victorian Spirit Guides with fine moustaches
They told me without speaking that they had a gift for me. I couldn't understand all what was going on. I have it reduced to this: In a past life, I was either him, her, or both, at different times. I don't know why she is dressed like an Apache, and yet has the hair of Milla Jovovich from The Fifth Element. Not very congruent time periods, or so I am led to believe. In the spirit world, they are lovers. They gave me a sapling of a tree, told me the one I was sitting against was to show me that I had planted one in years past. It was now big and providing shelter and shade.

We planted it, he told me through his mind what his name was. Tom Brendan. Brandon. Brachton. Something. And I heard Joseph. So maybe a middle name. They were really cute together in some sideshow-at-Coney-Island-circa-1912 kinda way.

Charlotte Free=My spirit guide's face

When I planted the sapling, I was told that love needs much work and tending to, to grow. You can't sit back and expect it to do everything for you. And that I will need to consider it near-sacred, trust in Him, but also sow love and relationships like a garden, never feeling cheated or let down if I didn't tend to it and it died on me.

So I will take this knowledge with me. Thanks uber sexy spirit Guides. You rock my jar of molasses with a big ol' soup spoon.

In other news: I have a boy that would make creme brulee cry out of pure jealousy of his sweetness, and a face any boy would want to resemble. And a heart that not just a mere Tin-Man would covet. Just, FYI.

Here are my random pics of the day

trashy mctrasherson. I love trashy lookin girls. I do. I do. Especially in 90s floral print body suits. Meow.

Yes, do curtsy in your amazing, heightened ensemble

One of the prettiest faces I have ever come across. I am amazed at this face. I marvel. *Marvels*

Picture I took at Catholic Church downtown Tulsa. Beautiful.

Pop Quiz; What is wrong with this picture? A: If you said nothing, you are correct!

Moving .Gifs. I collect 'em. I will never run out. I assure you.

I need this framed on my wall. I really do.

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