Saturday, April 14, 2012

90s Barbies!!! Erin, pictures just for you, as per request!!! :)

So today, after a horrible breakfast, I swear my mother is cursed and always ends up with the worst service and/or food you could ever have, the girls and I walked across the road to this store that said "Elm Street Garage Sale" in Broken Arrow. OMG. We found an entire box of barbie clothing that I had when I was growing up! We bought the whole box for $15!!!! We have been dressing them all morning, what a nice Satruday. And watching Beauty and the Beast. Again. Lol. Here are some pics we took, I think their new barbies and pretty stylin. I swear I saw all of these clothes at Rue 21 in Plano, Texas! Hahaha

Oh I wish I had all these clothes! Oh and a 19" waist, right hahahaha

Love you Erin!

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